Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Our board of directors uses guidelines called “Corporate Governance Guidelines of the Board of Directors.” These principles guide the board as it directs our operations and fulfills its obligations to our customers, employees and shareholders. The guidelines are the foundation for the board’s responsibilities, operations, leadership, organization and committee matters. The governance committee reviews the guidelines annually, and the board may amend the guidelines at any time.

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We're Improving Life with Energy by strengthening our communities through growth and development opportunities. That's why we have a planning team focused on building strong partnerships with diverse businesses. Read more about economic development and our supplier diversity program network.


Black Hills Corporation offers employees the opportunity for something more than a job. We provide challenging, exciting work that makes a profound difference in the lives of others. Find a job with Black Hills today.

Improving Life With Energy

Every day, we want to be "improving life with energy." We produce, market and deliver the vital electricity, coal, oil and natural gas that our customers need. Through our efforts, products and services, we also share our personal energy to strengthen our communities and support growth and development.

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