Insider Ownership

The table displays the number of non-derivative securities directly held by officers, directors and 10% shareholders as reflected in their most recent Section 16 filings.

Name Relationship/Title Total Held
Erik Keller D Sr VP Chief Info Officer 8,701
Evans Linden R President and CEO 147,386
Granger Barry M Director 4,387
Iverson Brian Sr VP General Counsel 42,720
Jacobs Todd J SVP - Growth & Strategy 16,200
Jensen Tony A Director 10,729
Jones Marne M SVP - Utilities 15,726
Kinzley Richard Sr VP & CFO 35,556
Landis Jennifer C Sr VP Human Resources 17,785
McAllister Kathleen S Director 9,125
Nooney Kimberly F SVP CFO & Treasurer 22,170
Otto Robert P Director 7,362
Prochazka Scott M Director 4,387
Roberts Rebecca B Director 8,598
SCHOBER MARK A Director 9,731
Taylor Teresa Director 6,525
Vering John B Director 45,631

* Represents ownership of less than 1% of total shares outstanding.

Data provided by Kaleidoscope.